Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible by Danika Cooley (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Are you missing the tools you need to help your children have a strong relationship with God? Or would you like to learn new tools for you and your family? Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible, written by Danika Cooley and published by Bethany House Publishers could be the book you’ve been looking for.

This book is divided into three parts, “You’re the Leader”, “Faithful Reading,” and “A Daily Walk.” Each of these section will help you build a strong and purposeful Biblical family life.

“You’re the Leader” focuses on how you need to take control by planning the best way for your family to study the Bible, it all depends on the age, and how to fit it into your daily plan. “Faithful Reading” focuses on how to read the Bible that honors God, interpret scripture, and have valuable discussions with your children. “A Daily Walk” is all about tools and resources that will help you and your family have a variety of ways to have engaging ways to consistently have Bible study time.

Our Experience:

When I learned about this book I was intrigued. Both of my children are in high school and have been actively studying the Bible with adults since they were young children, so I wanted to see if I could learn something that would help them moving forward.

I read this book thoroughly and learned some new tools for myself and ones I can share with others. I learned

  • that different versions of the Bible have different reading levels (that way you can pick the best children’s Bible.)
  • about developing a Bible-reading cheat sheet for the different books of the Bible.
  • that you should be aware that you don’t take the verses out of context.
  • to give plenty of praise for a job well done in memorization.
  • to be aware of your child’s learning style (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic).

There were many other topics of interest, but these were the ones that caught my eye that would work best for those in high school or my general interest.

Text from Chapter Four

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading and learning from Help Your Kids Learn & Love the Bible, by Danika Cooley, because she provided many useful Bible study tools. As I was reading the book, I folded the corners of the pages I thought were most important (something I rarely do). I wanted to remember where the most memorable parts are.

I always think that nonfiction books are easier to read when they have personal stories from the authors. I enjoyed learning how Mrs. Cooley and her husband, Ed, worked together to have family Bible study time. The anecdotes about her children were a lot of fun. It was neat how they would grasp some of the tough concepts at a young age. I’m grateful that she is taking her knowledge and sharing it with us.

I would like to see the resources that were mentioned in a list at the end of the book as I liked the resources she has used with her children. I do appreciate the “Notes” and “Works Consulted” sections.

I think that this book would be the perfect gift for any new parent, new Christian parent, or any parent who is looking for the tools to strengthen their children’s relationship with God.

Christie’s Thoughts (Entering 10th Grade):

Christie didn’t have a part in this review.

The Beginning of Part One

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Product Link: Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible

Vendor Information Link: Bethany House Publishers

Age Appeal: Adults

Format: Physical paperbook book, ISBN 978-7642-3794-2, 199 pages, Nonfiction

Price and More: Please check the product link for current prices and more information

Mama recommends this great Bible study tool for parents to teach Christian values.

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