Thursday Thoughts: 10 Decluttering Tips, Part 6

This is week 6 for my series on decluttering tips. Remember that each week I will be giving you ten decluttering tips, please let me know which ones you like and which ones you think wouldn’t help you. Have a great week!

Sort through your items often, at least once a year, to see what you want to keep or replace.

Remember to always clean up your messes as you make them (kitchen or bedroom). It will save a lot of time later. You won’t need to soak the dirty pans for ages or refold multiple drawers of clothes.

The best way to help your children be comfortable with organizing is to set a good example.

Buy storage containers after you decide what you need, otherwise you might have containers that don’t work for you.

Remember it takes less time to clean up a small pile than a big one. For example, do the dishes every day. If you wait, you might have several loads for the dishwasher and a counter full of dishes to wash by hand.

You could pick one day or two different days per year to donate your items. If you have a lot, I suggest donating more often.

We hang our paper towels under the kitchen cabinet to save space. Where do you keep yours?

My children have bed risers under their beds for their toy storage containers. These containers are clear bins and the toys are separated by category, so everything can be seen.

You don’t need to do all your spring or fall cleaning in one day. You can either do it room by room or once task at a time (all the windows or all the closets). Just keep it up! And DON’T give up.

Keep your cleaning supplies handy for quick cleanups. 

Thursday Thoughts: 10 Decluttering Tips, Part 5

This is week 5 for my new series on decluttering tips. Remember that each week I will be giving you ten decluttering tips, please let me know which ones you like and which ones you think wouldn’t help you. Have a great week!

Take ten minutes and go through your bathroom cabinets and drawers. Do you have perfume, makeup, cologne, etc. that have been there since you moved in 10 years ago? Toss it out. Make room for what you love!

Is your clutter from lack of space or lack of organization? If so find a home for everything and make sure it always goes back there.

Schedule time to organize, especially if organizing isn’t something you like to do. Have a fun reward planned for when you finish.

If you use an item every day, you can leave it out. If not, put it away.

Unclutter rooms look cleaner than unclutter ones.

Use boxes or plastic tubs that are the same size for easy stacking.

When storing your items in the basement, shed, or garage, store them on shelves or pallets to help keep them dry.

Keep like items and those from the same season together. Have separate storage containers for each season, summer, Christmas, and fall/Thanksgiving. Sometimes you can even find storage containers to match the season.

Unplanned purchases can turn into clutter, so be careful when you go to garage sales and thrift stores.

Thursday Thoughts: 10 Decluttering Tips, Part 4

This is week 4 for my new series on decluttering tips. Remember that each week I will be giving you ten decluttering tips, please let me know which ones you like and which ones you think wouldn’t help you. Have a great week!

When you work on laundry, set a timer, so you know when each load of laundry is done, fold it right away, and save the easiest loads for last. 

Shred documents when they are no longer necessary, like bills, receipts, and insurance cards.

When you feel like cleaning and it’s going well, don’t stop!

Once a week pick an area of your house to clean that could use a little extra attention. 

There are three ways to do purges.

  • Once a year
  • Twice a year
  • Small ones regularly

A question worth asking. “If I move, would it be worth it to pack, move, and unpack my ______?”

If your items are not beautiful or useful to you, find new homes for them.

When you are decluttering junk drawers and boxes, put like items together, so clean up is easier. For example, hairbands, pens, flashlights.

Washing southern facing windows on a sunny day could lead to streaks.

If you don’t have the time for a garage sale, see if somebody you know is holding one. Perhaps they can sell your items for a percentage of the sales.

Thursday Thoughts: 10 Decluttering Tips, Part 3

This is week 3 for my new series on decluttering tips. Remember that each week I will be giving you ten decluttering tips, please let me know which ones you like and which ones you think wouldn’t help you. Have a great week!

If you have friends who are also decluttering, consider having a party to swap items you no longer want. Please, only take items home you need not want. Everything that is left can be donated.

It’s okay to donate or sell items. You really don’t need to keep that sweatshirt from high school. If you are attached to that sweatshirt or other clothes that bring back memories, think about having them turned into a quilt. If you sew you can do it yourself, or contact a local quilt guild or fabric store to find someone who can do it for you. A quilt could also be made from the ribbons that you won in school sports or local 4-H/FFA contests. I just searched the internet for some and found images of beautiful ones.

Declutter what you can today. One pile, one shelf, one drawer, or even more!

Line all of your books up with the edge of the shelf, instead of pushing them towards the back. It will help every time you dust, no noticeable dust!

I make cleaning easier by keeping cleaning supplies in each location they are needed. For example, both of our bathrooms have paper towels, sink cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and sponges. It’s also a good idea to keep a small broom and dustpan handy as well to sweep when cleaning the bathrooms.

Don’t degrade yourself. You can think, “I’m getting better,” not “I’m so messy.” Also an accountability partner or other type of friend can help you stay positive.

Establish standards for each room of the house and stick to it.

Try assigning specific chores for specific days. Here is what my family chooses to do:

-Monday- bathroom

-Tuesday- vacuum and dust

-Wednesday- laundry (or do a load a day)

-Thursday- deep kitchen clean

-Friday- Bedrooms and grocery shopping

-Weekend- special projects and relaxing

Don’t compare yourself to others. Concentrate on what you do well.

Think before you buy something you already have. Some items that add clutter are too many towels, sets of sheets, or kitchen utensils. Think one in one out. What items can you think of?

Home School in the Woods: Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures (grades K -12) (Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

 Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  (grades K -12) from Home School in the Woods is a homeschooling product that I was looking forward to, because I was looking for a fun way for Christie to experience history this year.

There are over 1,260 figures total in 4 different sets with and without text.

  1. Creation to Christ Timeline Figures (Elijah, Euclid, Menes, and more)
  2. Resurrection to Revolution Timeline Figures (Bar-Kokhba, Hugh Capet, Peter Waldo, and more)
  3. Napoleon to Now Timeline Figures (Anwar Sadat, Franz Liszt, Ray Bradbury, and more)
  4. America’s History Timeline Figures (Andrew Carnegie, Isaac Bakus, Samoset, and more)
  5. A Bonus 80 Figures (Clipper Ships, Kingdom of Benin, Orphan Trains, and more)

There are two parts to this extensive collection. Part 1 contains PDFs of all the figures in wall and notebook size with text descriptions and without. Part 2 contains all of the figures in individual GIFs that can be used as coloring book pages, games, and more. They are organized in over 30 different categories like alphabetical, chronological, and by time period (Civil War, American Revolution, etc.)

Here are some different options for Creation to Christ (the area we will be exploring this year.

Our Experience: 

I wasn’t sure what time period Christie was going to study this year for history. This is her first year in high school, so I wanted her to have a say in what she studied. I thought that this timeline would be perfect for her to decide the time period and for me to help her determine what other documents could be used along with the different timeline figures. Currently we have decided to use the timeline along with fiction and nonfiction books and educational videos to study Ancient Egpyt for at least the first semester.

Here is a small selection of what is available for Christie!

We will pick the historical figures and actions that correspond to the time period. There are ways to find everything alphabetically, which will be great. I will be having Christie use the GIFS to place in a text document with all of the information from her other studies. We will be doing this as a portfolio to show what she does in high school. I’m really looking forward to the wide possibilities that the Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures will give us.

Mama’s Thoughts:

-I like the wide variety and high quality of the historical figures and times in history and how they have been divided into sections according to the time period. It was so easy for us to find the Ancient Egypt section, where we could decided what size and type Christie wanted to put into her online portfolio. The individual graphics will also be fun if we decide to print some off, so she can color them.

-I like how easy it was to navigate the different parts of the timeline. I also appreciated the help section. There were so many different ideas for ways to make timelines: portable, notebook, games, lapbooks, and more.

Christie’s Thoughts (officially in 9th grade):

Because this product is so vague, yet complete, you can really do anything you want with it. Like studying different periods in time or just one person at a time. You could even make a whole year’s worth of history out of this timeline.

My mom and I are going to use this timeline to study Ancient Egypt for at least a semester. We are going to supplement with books and videos to make it more educational. We will use non-fiction books, fiction books, and videos as supplemental materials.

With Text
Without Text

I would recommend Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  for all ages.

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Product Link: Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures 

Vendor Information Link: Home School in the Woods

Age Appeal: K-12

Format: Online download of PDFs and GIFs

Price and More: Please check the product link for current prices and more information

Mama recommends!

This is an election year, so make sure to take a look at the  U.S. Elections Lap-Pak  for grades 3-8.

Please click on the graphic below to learn what the other crew members on the review thought about this program!

Thursday Thoughts: 10 Decluttering Tips, Part 2

This is week 2 for my new series on decluttering tips. Remember that each week I will be giving you ten decluttering tips, please let me know which ones you like and which ones you think wouldn’t help you. Have a great week!

When you first begin to declutter your home, take care of the big items, like furniture, first. Your results will be more noticeable.

When you get a new catalog, recycle the old one. If you would rather not receive a catalog, most companies have all of their items for sale on the internet.

Find a home for everything and always remember to put it in its home. I have a specific basket where I keep my keys, purse, and hat.

When you are discouraged, remember what it felt like to donate that pile of clothing or recycle the junk mail. Then make sure to picture yourself in a clean home, don’t settle for what it looks like now. Imagine relaxing in a decluttered happy home.

Do you have a bad habit that helps contribute to the clutter in your home? A lot of my clutter came from saying, YES, when people asked me if I wanted certain items. I needed to learn to say, NO, so I did. I would also go to library book sales and buy boxes of books and have nowhere to put them. I stopped going to the sales and began to check books out too. Now I can read the latest book and give it back. NO MORE CLUTTER!! 

When cleaning, do the longest chore or the one you dislike the most, first.

Remember to keep up with the household cleaning! Some parts can go from clean to dirty more quickly than others, like the kitchen! Think dirty dishes and messy counters.

Do a quick pick up before you leave the house, so you can feel relaxed when you come home. You’ll even have a place to set the groceries (LOL).

Make your bed and tidy your bedroom every day. It will make going to sleep and waking up more relaxing.

When you act organized, you will become organized.

Thursday Thoughts: 10 Decluttering Tips, Part 1

This week I’m beginning a new series on decluttering tips. Each week I will be giving you ten tips, please let me know which ones you like and which ones you think wouldn’t help you. Have a great week!

Start with your visible clutter- counters and anywhere it collects.

Sort your items into categories- keep, garbage, donate/sell, new home (for items that are in the wrong room)

Set the timer for ten minutes and do one task. If you finish that task before the timer goes off, pick another one! Take a 5 minute break, then set the timer and begin again.

Make sure to give yourself a reward when you finish your tasks! It could be as simple as having your favorite drink or more involved like watching your favorite show.

You can share your unwanted treasures with people who need them.

Take big projects and break them into smaller steps.

Empty out your closet and drawers, and try on the clothes. If they fit and make you feel great, keep them. Anything else you can sell, donate, or throw away.

When you get rid of your clutter you might find a whole new you! More energetic, happy, and peaceful.

If your children need to clean or declutter, be specific about what they need to do. I often tell my children to, “Take care of your dirty clothes, pick up and put away your books, and make your bed.” That takes care of 90% of the mess. Always remember to say please and thank you.

Here’s a tip that will make everyone in the house happy. Put all the chores for the week on separate slips of paper and place them in a jar, making sure it can evenly be divided up for your family, and have each person take turns drawing. Those will be their chores for the week. You can decide when they need to be done. Personally I would not add the daily chores of dishes, making bed, cleaning rooms, etc. I would include laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc.

Thursday Thoughts: 9 Benefits of a Clean and Organized Home

Have you ever thought about the benefits of having a clean home? Here are 9 ideas that I thought of. Please comment and let me know your ideas!

  1. A healthy family
  2. Will be more hospitable for those you invite into your home.
  3. It will be easier to maintain and to notice repairs.
  4. You will benefit from the physical activity of cleaning. And when vacuuming in the winter you will benefit from the warmth.
  5. You won’t waste time finding things when you always put them back in the same place.
  6. Less guilt when taking time to watch t.v., read, or enjoy other hobbies.
  7. Clutter and dirt means you will be more productive, because your focus won’t be elsewhere.
  8. You will have control over your home, it won’t control you.
  9. You will have a sense of accomplishment, because there will be order in your home.

Thursday Thoughts: 20 Ways to Keep Clutter Out of Your Home!

Do you have a lot of clutter in your home? Here are 20 easy ways to keep clutter from coming into your home or staying there long!

  1. Give and ask for items that won’t clutter the home, like baked goods, gift cards, quality time with others, homemade coupons (good for or from children).
  2. Read ebooks and listen to audio books.
  3. Use your local library to check out the latest magazines, books, DVDs, games, etc.
  4. Don’t pick up a lot of souvenirs and brochures when you travel.
  5.  Ask to be removed from mailing lists.
  6. Limit the amount of time that you spend in your favorite stores
  7. Always have a grocery list
  8. Keep your decorations simple
  9. Burn all of your candles or diffuse all of your essential oils before you buy more
  10. Have four containers of decorations for each of the seasons. This will keep things at a minimum and you can always donate old decorations and purchase more.
  11. Purchase several rolls of wrapping paper that can be used for different functions and only have a few rolls of Christmas paper. Use up as much wrapping paper before purchasing more.
  12. Don’t stock up on items that could go bad before you use them, like rice.
  13. Have a neutral decorating scheme, no green carpets or bright orange chairs.
  14. Have your decorations do double duty, like your tablecloths or placemats for different seasons, like green for Christmas and spring.
  15. If you have a hobby, finish one project at a time. If you do this, your supplies won’t get out of hand and you will get a lot accomplished.
  16. Put your junk mail in recycling as soon as possible.
  17. Keep your storage containers to a minimum, because what you have to store must go into those containers only.
  18. If you don’t have a place for it, don’t buy it.
  19. Don’t have a storage unit. 
  20. Go through your emails every day! Unsubscribe from email lists that no longer apply to you.

Thursday Thoughts: 6 Benefits of a Smaller House

Are you in the market for a new house? Here are 6 benefits for having a smaller house.

  1. Less expensive to own! You can purchase it for a lower price.
  2. Less expensive to furnish!
  3. Less expensive for heating and cooling and other utilities!
  4. Easier to clean! Not so many bathrooms. Lol
  5. You will be more aware of clutter, because there will be no where to put it!
  6. Smaller houses can show less is more!

What did you think? Do you have other ideas?