ACT Mom Online Class (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Do you have a child who needs guided help studying for the ACT? Or do you want your child to learn the best studying skills early? The ACT Mom Online Class from ACT Mom can help your children improve their scores in Math, Reading, English, and Science.

This online course contains over 10 hours of videos, online quizzes, practice tests, which have been released by the ACT, and extra resources. A binder will be mailed to you containing ACT practice tests in sheet protectors and graphing paper and a pencil pouch containing a dry erase marker, eraser, and sticky tabs when you purchase the course.

The English section contains seven sessions about comma splices, dangling modifiers, prepositional phrases, who/whom, and so much more!

The Reading section contains six session where your child will learn about the Reading Bullseye, Easy, Medium and Hard questions, and how to read different and answer questions in different genres.

The Science section has seven sessions about strategy, biology, chemistry, and physics.

The Math section has four sessions about probability, midpoint and distance formulas, volume, and so much more!

Our Experience:

Christie is in her second year of high school, so I know that she will be taking the ACT very soon. I was grateful for the opportunity to review this class, because I know how important it can be to score well on the test. It can open doors that otherwise may not be opened.

I thought I would let Christie select which sections she would complete first. She decided to work on Science and Math first, because she is stronger in English and Reading. Each section was divided into different sessions containing videos and quizzes. Some sessions would take several days to work on as they had many parts or the videos were long. I wanted her to take her time, so she would learn the most and have fun learning it. Practice needs to be fun, not forced. She has finished the sessions for Math and Science. Reading and English will come next, while she still practices Math and Science.

My Thoughts:

I remember studying for and taking the ACT when I was in high school. I think that if I had had someone who knew the best strategies for taking the test, I would have done better. I really appreciate how her passion and knowledge comes through from the introduction video to the instructional videos to the quizzes. I think it’s important for the students to see this, because it can make them excited for the test too. The results from her children show how her methods work and the importance of studying. Those taking the course can see that practice and recognizing the patterns are important based on her children’s improvement.

Informational Video in Each Section

I’m glad that Christie gained so much information while working on Math. Sometimes it takes the right explanation to make something click. When I looked at the quizzes, I really liked how there was an explanation for each of the questions. It’s so important to have an explanation for each of the questions. It will help everyone improve.

Science Quiz

Christie’s Thoughts (10th Grade):

What I like:

  1. I quite like the way she was explaining the math formulas, because it was explained better than some of the math I did last year.
  2. I like how she was engaging the whole time, making this a fun program to do.
  3. It is nice that the videos were split up into different sections. 
Explaining SOH CAH TOA in Math

What I don’t like:

  1. It would be nice if the practice tests provided in the binder had been newer, for those who don’t have the option to print out the latest ones from the website.

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Recap of Pertinent Information:

Product Link: ACT Mom Online Class

Vendor Information Link: ACT Mom

Age Appeal: Those who need to prepare for the ACT.

Format: Online Videos, Downloadable Practice Tests, Physical Binder with Materials

Price and More: Please check the product link for current prices and more information.

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