Black Mountain (Glastonbury Grail Book 3) by LeAnne Hardy (Book Review!)

(Disclosure of Material Connection I received a FREE copy of this product from LeAnne in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.  All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.)


The fire has been put out at the house at Cewi Glen, and Teg has discovered and taken the olivewood cup that Colin Hay brought home from Glastonbury Abbey. She feels that there is a strange power in this cup, and it could represent a better power than that of the Grandmother, whom she has been serving for many years. She is uncertain of the power, which is understandable, based on her past relationship with the church. Circumstances demand that she leave the area, so she finds her way to Glastonbury to learn more about the cup. While she’s there, she meet’s Alice, Colin’s fiancée. Alice’s family has been risking their lives to teach the Bible to others in English, instead of Latin as the churches do,and introduces Teg to a God that she didn’t believe existed. She leaves though, before Colin can arrive for the wedding and tell the others who she really is. Teg becomes determined to visit the land where Jesus lived and died and learn more about the wooden cup. She goes there, learns of Jesus, and comes back 7 years later to Honddu Vale a changed woman. Will the others in the area believe that she’s changed, or will they believe those who still wield the Grandmother’s amulets?

Alice is having her own trying time in Honddu Vale during that 7 years, because she knows she isn’t a lady as Catherine Price is and in unable to produce an heir for Colin. She desperately misses Goody Tegwyn (Teg), but she tries her best. Is it enough? What will Alice do when Teg comes back? Will she believe what everyone believes of Teg, or will she stick to what she knows?

You can go here to learn more about Black Mountain and the others in the series. You will be able to read a sample chapter, learn what is was like for LeAnne Hardy to write the book, and see the discussion questions.

About the Author-

LeAnne Hardy is married and has 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, and three grandchildren and currently lives in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She grew up outside of Indianapolis, Indiana and has lived in 6 countries on four continents. She has also lived in Ethiopia, Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa, and England. Her other books in the Glastonbury Grail Series are Glastonbury Tor and Honddu Vale.  She has also written books for young adults, Keeping Secrets, The Wooden Ox, Between Two Worlds, and Crossroads.

My thoughts-

-I’m going to have to begin my thoughts with a big, “Thank you!” for the “Notes on Names and Pronunciation” guide. I had no idea how most of the names or places should be pronounced. I’ve discovered that it’s important to check the guide once in a while, so I can make sure that I’m pronouncing Addoc’s name, ATH-ock and not ADD-ock (plus others). When I discuss the book with others, I want to make sure I’m saying everything correctly.

-I think that all of us can relate to both Teg and Alice. We can relate with Teg as to how it was before we built our relationship with God, or how we sometimes feel or believe when we think that it was God who wronged us in a certain situation. God is always there watching us and caring, but Satan and others can complicate the situation when we don’t know God well enough. It can be especially damaging if we build a realationship with Satan or the Grandmother as in Teg’s case. The Grandmother had such a hold over Teg. It even caused her to still be looked upon as a witch when she came back to Cewi Glen after seven years of being away. It was very hard for others to believe that Teg had changed while she was in Israel, Turkey, and the countries she traveled through. This book shows us that sometimes we need to forgive others and accept that they’ve changed, even if it’s hard. It was very hard for Colin and the others that knew her as a witch. It wasn’t hard for Alice, who never knew Teg as a witch, but only a healer. Speaking of Alice, to me, she represents me and all of us who have a great faith in God, but that it can be shaken at times. Alice’s faith was shaken at times, because she believed what others said to her about being a peasant and her insecurities about not being able to produce an heir for Colin. Catherine and Elwina sometimes held onto the old ways and that didn’t help Alice’s focus. We need to keep in mind that God is always there at that we should focus on Him and keep on praying and hoping. 

-As I read the part of the book when Teg was near Glastonbury with Alice and her family, I was intrigued with Nicholas, her brother-in-law. The power of God that was within him was very strong and noticeable. I would be interested in reading a book that covers more of his story. What I learned of him showed me how strong God can shine in the dark times.

-I highly recommend this book to everyone who has and hasn’t read the rest of the books in the series. You will learn about the power of God through life, redemption, and forgiveness.

Genre- Fiction / Historical / Christian / Fantasy
Published by- CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Copyrighted- 2020
Number of pages- 410
Age Group- Adult
Description of book- Paperback, listed price- $15.99, ISBN 978-1494938611 (Kindle version also available $7.99)

One thought on “Black Mountain (Glastonbury Grail Book 3) by LeAnne Hardy (Book Review!)

  1. You make me laugh, Rani. It was a reader of Honddu Vale who prodded me to write Teg’s story. I have some further events in my mind, but I have been uncertain whose story it is. Maybe that story belongs to Nicholas. If so, the credit will go to you!


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