God’s Mail: Volume 3 by Ron Hardin (Review)

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God's Mail

Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with God? Are you having a difficult time finding devotions that speak to you? Perhaps God’s Mail Volume 3, by Ron Hardin, from God’s Mail, is what you’re looking for.  This book contains over 90 poems and many corresponding Bible verses from different versions (NJKV, TLB, GW, AMP, MSG, and more).

Mr. Hardin has written these poems and selected these Bible verses for both believers and non-believers alike. Many of them are based on his own experiences with being in jail, in a gang, dropping out of school, and the use of drugs. In this third volume he uses those experiences to encourage and strengthen those dealing with more serious subjects such as abortion, suicide, passing of others, but also the troubles that come to us every day.

About Ron Hardin:

Mr. Ron Hardin is currently married and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Mr. Hardin and his wife are both ordained ministers.

Our Experience: 

As a believer in God, I’m always interested in trying new devotionals, so I can learn a new perspective about God and share it with others. I was very interested in this devotional, because I hadn’t read one with poems and corresponding Bible verses before. I thought that using different versions of Bible for the verses was nice, because different versions call to people differently. I personally find that some are easier to read and understand, so I really liked that about this devotion.


I really wanted to try journaling while reading this book. I found that it didn’t work for me,  because many of the poems don’t apply to me. For example, I’m not divorced, don’t have substance abuse, or am depressed. Since I wasn’t able to journal, I decided to just mark the pages and verses that moved me. It worked really well. I know I can go back to those pages for inspiration and comfort.

Mama’s Thoughts:

As someone who has written a number of poems and read poems of other authors, I don’t think they all needed to rhyme. It made it harder for me to read them, because they didn’t flow well for me. I did read the poems before the verses, because then the verses impacted me in a more powerful and positive way.

-Some of these poems are very dark, but I think that’s because they are based on his life experiences. He has written these poems and shared these verses, so that he can help those who are currently experiencing the same pain. If you don’t find that some of these problems are relevant to you, move on. When you find the subjects that are relevant at this point in your life, these poems and verses will speak to you. And you’ll grow closer to God.


C’s Thoughts (girl, officially in 8th grade):

C didn’t participate in this review as I feel that most of this book wasn’t written for her at this time of her life.

Recap of pertinent information!

Product Link: God’s Mail Volume 3

Vendor Information Link: God’s Mail

Age Appeal: Adult men and women (older teens might be comforted by these poems as well)

Format: I received a paperback version, but there is also one for the Kindle. There are 221 pages, over 90 poems, and many Bible verses from different Bible versions. There are also endorsements from different people who have been blessed by Mr. Ron Hardins books.

Price and More: Please check the product link for current prices and more information

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