Homeschool Writing with Jump In, 2nd Edition From Writing with Sharon Watson

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Jump In, 2nd Edition

Ever since I was in grade school writing has been one of my favorite subjects. I love writing fiction, nonfiction, reports, poetry, and more. One of my children has the same love as I do, the other one doesn’t. She has for years decided that she doesn’t like writing and that it’s too hard to do. I was excited when I learned about Jump In, 2nd Edition from Writing with Sharon Watson. I thought that the short lessons with specific steps would help C begin to develop some love and appreciation for different types of writing.

About Jump In, 2nd Edition:

There are 98 daily lessons where your students (5th-8th grade) will learn how to write:

  • An Opinion Essay
  • A Persuasion Essay
  • A Cause and Effect Essay
  • A Newspaper Article
  • A How-to
  • A Report
  • A Biography
  • A Compare and Contrast
  • A Book Report
  • A Book Response
  • A Description Essay
  • A Narration Essay
  • Poetry

The 98 lessons and 19 additional assignments are called Skills. Each of the daily lessons can take 5-20 minutes and contain lots of examples, learning how to proofread, and how to write topic sentences, main ideas, and different types of paragraphs. Each of the essay assignments contains a checklist and suggested writing schedule.


Our Experience: 

As I mentioned earlier, I love to write and C, not so much. I want her to learn to be comfortable with the different types of writing that she might need to do in high school, college, and beyond. I thought that this program could be exactly what she needed.

When this homeschool composition program came in the mail, I was excited, but I could see that C was still a little skeptical. I told her that each lesson should be short if she was relaxed and had fun with it. Personally I think that helped, because she has been working on the lessons in a positive manner. She also enjoys taking the book to her room, where she can work on the assignment in an environment that is comfortable for her. I have her work on one lesson per day, and she has been working on opinion and persuasion essays. After she has finished these sections, I plan on having her pick the section she would like to work on. Just this morning she mentioned that she might give the rest of the lessons a theme, the violin (she’s been taking lessons since November and has developed a love for it). I told her to go for it. If she is enjoying writing now, and she can give it a theme, I’m not going to interfere. She might do a book report or write poetry about the violin next. I’m just going to stand aside and be grateful for Sharon Watson and the homeschool writing program she developed.

Mama’s Thoughts:


-While I really appreciate what the student book provides for C, I also appreciate the Teacher’s Guide. It shows 3 different yearly schedules, a one-year plan, a two-year plan, and a three-year plan. In “The Teacher’s Backpack” I learned different tips to help C, why she might not like to write, different do’s and don’ts, ways to write biographies, and much more. The “Sample Essay Evaluations” section told me how to give a grade and different essays that show how to earn an/a A, B, C, D, or F. C as well as myself will have fun working on the different 10-Minute Writing Plunges for September-May (think writing prompts). There is a nice selection for each of the weeks in the month. The rest of the book contains an Answer Key for each of the sections and Skills along with Grading Grids for the assignments.


– I am very grateful to Mrs. Sharon Watson for her efforts to develop a writing program that takes the pressure off of the parent by making the lessons fun, yet practical and informative. Click here for a sample of the student book. You can see if the program will work as well for you as it has for us.


B’s Thoughts (boy, age 15, officially in ninth grade and in public school):

B is busy with public school, so you will not see many reviews from him.

C’s Thoughts (girl, age 13, officially in seventh grade): 

Jump In, 2nd Edition is good for people who can verbalize their opinions. I am going to try and make all of my papers about playing the violin. I think it is a good idea to have a theme because it might make the writing a little easier.

Here is what I like:

1. You get to choose your own topics for all of the writing.

2. This program has lots of information about writing and different writing terms like climatic paragraph.

3. I like that most of the lessons are short and easy.

Finished-Pages-Jump In,-2nd-Edition

Here is what I didn’t like:

1. Sometimes it was hard to choose what to write about.

I think this program would be good for people of all ages as long as they can write or dictate what to write.

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      One thought on “Homeschool Writing with Jump In, 2nd Edition From Writing with Sharon Watson

      1. Thank you, Rani, for your review of Jump In, 2nd Edition. What a great idea your daughter came up with–writing her essays with a violin theme! She and the writer of “My Peg-legged Friend” (page 31) will have something in common. 🙂

        Enjoy your summer together!


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