Elizabeth Prentiss: More Love by Clair Williams (Book Review!)

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Elizabeth Prentiss

Do you know anyone who enjoys reading Christian biographies? Do you know a young lady who would like to learn about a Christian woman? Elizabeth Prentiss: More Love, by Claire Williams, from Christian Focus covers her life as a young girl to her death at the age of 59. It has 11 chapters, “Thinking Further Topics” for each chapter and a timeline.

About the Book:

Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss was a strong Christian young lady and woman who was able to grow in God despite being a young age when her father died of tuberculosis and the deaths of two of her six children. She also had her own health issues all her life.

Mrs. Prentiss grew up in the United States and lived there as an adult, except when she and her family lived in Europe. Her husband was a pastor, and they both worked hard for each other and the church. As an adult she wrote a number of poems, stories for children and adults, and the hymn, “More Love to Thee” to give others support in their times of need and to give glory to God. She was always close to Him and became even closer towards the end of her life. She knew she wanted to be with Him always.


The Author:

Clair Williams, the author, is married with four boys and has an Oxford degree in Theology.

Our Experience: 

As a mother daughter homeschooling duo, I feel it’s important learn about the strong Christian women throughout the generations. I thought it was great when we had chance to review this book about Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss. I knew just from reading the back of the book that she would be a strong Christian woman. It stated that she had health issues and two of her children died at a young age, but she still had a strong faith in God, wrote the hymn, “More Love to Thee,” and numerous books.

Once the book arrived and I took a look at it, I decided that I would read it to C, then we would discuss the “Thinking Further Topics” together. We decided to read one chapter a day and hold our discussion afterwards. We had a good time bonding and growing over this book.


Mama’s Thoughts:

-I thought that the discussions and challenges that went with each chapter made Mrs. Prentiss’s life relevant to us today. The chapter and discussion that impacted me the most was “Stepping Heavenward.” This chapter talked about the books that she wrote and how they impacted others worldwide. The discussion talked about how Mrs. Prentiss raised her family and served her church. She also wrote books as her way to witness about Jesus. The challenge talked about how we can serve God. It can be little things like helping do the dishes more to telling others about Jesus. We just need to be doing it on a daily basis and always for God.

-As we read the book, the timeline helped us know the important dates in her life.

-As much as I enjoyed reading the book aloud to C, we both found it distracting when time changed with no indication as to how much had passed. it would have been nice to have a date or a phrase, such as “six months later.” There were other times when I stumbled, because of the sentence structure. It didn’t take away from the power of her life though.

-What did I learn from the book? I  learned that the Prentiss family was truly strengthened through their love of God. They needed it numerous times as they lost family members or were deathly ill themselves. Elizabeth was a strong woman and did everything for God. I was really impressed with all of her writings and correspondence. She sets a good example for us all.

B’s Thoughts (boy, age 15, officially in ninth grade and in public school):

B is busy with public school, so you will not see many reviews from him.


C’s Thoughts (girl, age 13, officially in seventh grade): 

Elizabeth Prentiss was a very faithful Christian even with the deaths of many loved ones. She turned to God for strength and using her talent for writing she helped other is their times of need. She wrote lots of books and the hymn, “More Love to Thee.”

Here is something I liked about Elizabeth Prentiss: More Love.

1.This book has lots and lots of information about Elizabeth Prentiss’s life and its hardships.

Here is something I did not like about Elizabeth Prentiss: More Love.

1.This book was sometimes hard to understand, because of the way it was written. 

I think this book would be good for people of all ages that would like to learn about Elizabeth Prentiss’s life.


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Recap of pertinent information!

Product Link: Elizabeth Prentiss

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Age Appeal: Ages 8-9 for Read to Me and 9-14 for Read to Myself

Format: This book is 144 pages long and a paperback. We reviewed a physical copy of the book. It is part of the Trail Blazers series.

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