Practice Monkeys’s Live Violin Classes (Review!)

We received this product to review!


 Product Link: Family Subscription to Live Violin Classes

Vendor Information Link: Practice Monkeys

Age Appeal: It is up to each individual family.

Format: Online Lessons Monday through Thursday for 47 weeks a year via web cam and microphone.  There are also downloadable PDFs for theory studies and helpful videos.  You will need to purchase the Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 book.

Price: Please check the product link for current prices


Do you know someone who is interested in learning how to play the violin?  The Family Subscription to Live Violin Classes from Practice Monkeys could be exactly what this person needs.  These lessons are taught by Mrs. Van Kleeck who has more than 26 years experience with the Suzuki Violin technique.  There are four live lessons a week  which are also available to view later, videos explaining different techniques, and parent orientation along with a guide book.

Our Experience: 

For a couple of years C has been trying to play the violin, but the book we chose for her didn’t work out.  Also she didn’t want to work with me, and it wasn’t in the budget for private lessons.  I was super excited when Practice Monkeys was made available to review, because I felt it was exactly what she needed.  C would be having lessons on not just a weekly basis (think private lessons), but four days a week.  In her first Level, 3, the lessons lasted 15 minutes.  In her new Level, 6, they last 20 minutes.

When we first had access to Practice Monkeys, we spent a few days watching all the wonderful informational videos Mrs. Van Kleeck had added to the Treehouse.  These videos covered the songs and scale that would be covered in the lessons and everything necessary to chose a violin, care for it, and how to put the shoulder rest.  There were even videos and documents for parents.  I really appreciated it, because then I knew exactly what I needed to do to help support and encourage C.

After we watched the videos and understood what was involved we dove right into the live lessons.  C would log in and enter the classroom.  In class she and the other students would practice their scale and the Twinkle Themes under the guidance of Mrs. Van Kleeck for Level 3.  After a couple of months of lessons and individual practice and and inspiring visit from my mom, C was ready for her assessment!  It was very easy to schedule the assessment, and C had her on-on-one time with Mrs. Van Kleeck to determine if she was ready to pass on to the next level.  Mrs. Van Kleeck moved her to Level 6!  C was really excited and has currently had two days of lessons in this level.  She has been practicing so that she can be the best she can be.


Mama’s Thoughts:

– I’ve never played a string instrument, so it was hard for me to begin teaching C.  I was grateful for Mrs. Van Kleeck, who was so encouraging to C and all of the kids in the class.  It was due to all of her encouraging comments that has driven C to practice and succeed. 

– I’ve also never had any experience with the Suzuki Method, but I’ve been very please with how far C has been able to go in such a short time.  She has been learning with repetition and the basics, which means she has gone further in a short period of time.

– I appreciate that the live lessons are four days a week.  I believe it is the frequency of the lessons that has helped C keep her interest in playing daily.  It has helped her improve quickly.  Consistancy has been very important, because there were no scheduled lessons during Christmas and with the festivities some of the growth made decreased.  She has bounced back though!


B’s Thoughts (boy, age 14, officially in ninth grade and in public school):

B is busy with public school, so you may not see as many reviews from him.

C’s Thoughts (girl, age 13, officially in seventh grade): 

I started in Level 3 with this program and it was really easy once I got started. Now I am in level 6, it is much more of a challenge for me. I get to learn 4 new songs in Level 6; Allegretto, Andantino, Etude, and Minuet No. 1.

Here are some things I liked about Practice Monkeys.

1. It is a super easy program to use and navigate.

2. Mrs. Van Kleeck is a very good teacher and makes things easy to learn.

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